The Hitmen of “Bullet Train” Are an Accidental Masterclass in Personal Style

5 devilishly handsome dudes? The red carpet didn't stand a chance

August 12, 2022 7:39 am
two characters from the Movie Bullet Train highlighted in various colors
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As Bullet Train shapes up to be 2022’s summer blockbuster, each member of the cast — Brad Pitt, Brina Tyree Henry, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and more — has absolutely bodied the press tour in their special way, with a barrage of drop-dead looks worthy of their elite hitman mantle.

From Pitt’s surprisingly simple grandma suits (courtesy of Anecho’s Haans Nicholas Mott) to Taylor-Johnson’s slicked-back scumbag flair, the leading men of Bullet Train have expertly established unique individual looks. There’s not a single cookie-cutter suit in sight, just some immaculately curated vibes…and a whole lot of tasteful testosterone.

There’s a beauty in nailing down some serious personal style, and since it’s no easy feat, we’ve decided to do our homework and figure out just what makes the firepower of Bullet Train unique. We’ve parsed, analyzed, run the numbers and otherwise debated what exactly each star is getting so right, and we found ourselves having learned a few lessons.

a photo of bad bunny giving the peace sign in a all-black suit
Bad Bunny may just the surprise breakout star of Bullet Train, if his monochromatic look has anything to say about it.
Jon Kopaloff/Stringer/Getty Images

Monochromatic master: Bad Bunny

The lesson — embrace color (or lack thereof)

Throughout Bullet Train, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio’s character bludgeons, shoots, and generally murders his way around in an all-white suit, complete with cowboy boots, aviators and solid gold lupine pendant, from which he gets his codename. While this seems like a questionable choice for a hitman (if blood is anything like marinara, that’s gonna be a bitch to clean) the monochromatic tendencies of Bad Bunny’s Wolf are sound; in fact, the Puerto Rican musician and actor’s get up at the film’s premiere was yet another mesmerizing example of sticking to one shade.

a press photo of Brad Bitt and Logan Lerman at the Bullet Train premiere
Much like InsideHook, Pitt recognizes the ingenuity of a well-fitting polo…especially on Logan Lerman.
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Polo perfection: Logan Lerman

The lesson — know your fit

It is not lost on us how great the lowly polo is — between blanket-esque terry cloth and swanky sweater polos, the style has not only enjoyed a resurgence at the InsideHook offices but on the red carpet as well. While Lerman’s appearance in Bullet Train is minimal, his presence at the movie’s premiere was undeniably huge, especially given his polo of epic proportions. The wide-collared cashmere Prada top fit the Fury actor like a glove, underpinning the continued importance of knowing your measurements. While we can’t all be as svelte as Logan, knowing what cuts flatter your form best is cornerstone to any stylish fella. To do so, it’s best to figure out your measurements (chest, waist, shoulders and sleeves), preferably with a little help from a tailor.

a photo of a Bullet Train actor a white suit, tan tie, and loafers
Brian Tyree Henry is basically the suit poster boy at this point.
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Suited and booted: Brian Tyree Henry

The lesson — don’t fear the dress-up

We can only say it so many times; a good suit is the best thing you can wear. Still skeptical? Let Brian Tyree Henry’s startch suit illuminate the way. The Atlanta actor has opted for a dressier press tour than his compatriots — his ensembles have involved crisp, double-breasted jackets, buffed loafers and a bunch of great ties — and while it’s paid dividends, it’s also a well-timed reminder of the power of tailoring.

a photo of Aaron Tyler Johnson in a black leather jacket during the premier of Bullet Train
Grimy, gritty and full of charm — Aaron Taylor-Johnson is all about taking risks during the Bullet Train press tour.
Jon Kopaloff/Stringer/Getty Images

Dirtbag dressup: Aaron Taylor-Johnson

The lesson — take risks

Leather jackets, shirts down to the naval, slicked-back curls…what in the world is Aaron Taylor-Johnson playing at? Looking like a greasy badass, that’s what. The ’70s dirtbag look isn’t for the faint of heart (or for the red carpet, generally, though Taylor-Johnson makes it work) but underscores the fact that stepping out of your comfort zone is a necessary action to look like the movie star you are.

Brad Pitt during the Bullet Train Press tour high kicking
Brad isn’t worried about anything. Be like Brad.
Stephane Cardinale/Corbis /Getty Images

Laid-back legend: Brad Pitt

The lesson — keep it simple, stupid

At face value, “simple” and Brad Pitt’s tear of fantastical linen menswear looks, involving snappy pastels, luxury watches and a skirt, for christ’s sake, don’t seem to compute. But an unadulterated casualness has characterized the leading man’s Bullet Train looks in a way few others have yet to master. Each high-kicking, sunglasses-sporting stop has proved a home run for Mr. Pitt, presumably because he’s not sweating the small stuff — his suits are unstructured and tastefully wrinkled, his henleys and (affordable) sneakers a comfortable counterpoint to stuff dress shirts and shoes. When in doubt, be like Brad.

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