Daaaaamn. That’s Some Handsome Leather.

Bexar: Impressive leather goods by way of Texas

By The Editors
July 17, 2015 9:00 am

Some people want leather that comes with a story.

Some people want leather with which they can write their own story.

This concerns the latter: Bexar Goods, so-called “purveyors of adventure” and, more accurately, ridiculously fine leather wares, available now.

Based out of central Texas, Bexar crafts long-lasting goods — wallets, satchels, flasks — that celebrate the hearty naturalism of a good piece of leather. (Say the owners: “All of the natural range markings are visible, which may be the result of where a cow had been scraped by barbed wire, cactus or mesquite thorns … or bitten by a coyote.”)

Very eco-friendly. Very tough. And able to handle anything you throw its way while lasting a lifetime.

Plus, Bexar’s somehow made the Apple Watch … interesting. Their new leather strap, available in a medium brown or tan, works as a beautiful vintage contrast to Apple’s big, slick interface.

Three other items we dug:

Pick something up.

Then give it a story to tell.

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