The Best Throws to Inspire Your Inner Interior Designer

Never underestimate the power of a blanket

December 12, 2023 2:16 pm
A woolrich throw blanket on a wooden chair
The best throws introduce a whole new aspect of home decor.

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Imagine a leisurely winter Sunday afternoon. You’re ready to take a nap after reading some new fiction or enjoying a cool history doc. The throw, once adorning the back of your couch, transforms into a cozy blanket for the afternoon ahead. Many people consider a throw a functional afterthought, however, it is more than just a substantial piece of fabric providing warmth; it provides an opportunity to express your style and personality while elevating your décor. Much like a great coffee table book, it becomes a conversation starter and a piece of art when draped across your couch or casually strewn over a chair.

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Whether it’s a retro stripe, a rustic print, patchwork or a minimal earth tone, a throw should not only mirror your aesthetic but also complement the vibe of your home décor. The versatility of a good throw lies in its ability to blend in but also stand out; it should be a part of the conversation without shouting over it. I like a wool retro stripe that complements the mid-century vibe of my blue velvet couch. However, I also have a southwestern print on a faux leather chair, proving that you don’t need to be pigeonholed in your choices. What is most important is that you choose what authentically speaks to your style.

A good throw, however, is more than just looks. What it’s made of is equally as important, and quality materials and craftsmanship will ensure longevity and comfort. Wool is not for everyone, but it provides durability and a rugged style suitable for many homes. Fleece, as well as some cotton, can be washed, which is a big convenience over dry cleaning. Cashmere boasts lux softness while Alpaca and mohair are other very popular choices, each contributing unique texture and feel.

A thoughtfully selected throw is an often-overlooked accessory that can subtly transform the ambiance of any living space, imparting warmth, style, and personality to your home. Versatile and inviting, it serves as an extension of your unique style, meant to be casually draped wherever you find yourself lounging. Not to mention your partner’s likely appreciation for the coziness within arm’s reach. Moreover, throws make for a unique gift, as they are often items individuals might not acquire for themselves. Sometimes, an afterthought makes the best thought.

We would be remiss not to include the iconic Yakima wool camp throw by storied American outdoor brand, Pendleton. This wool and cotton throw is durable, yet warm and soft, and features their iconic striped color pattern. Based on the original camp blankets that shepherds used to brave the Northwest, they are woven in their U.S. Mill in the same tradition today.

Crafted in Ireland, this throw from Soho Home features a classic Aran cable stitch, evoking the timeless charm of cable-knit sweaters. The chunky wool is also flecked with different colored spices, adding visual character. If a traditional cable-knit sweater kept Nordic fishermen warm, this minimalist heritage throw is sure to do the same for you.

This made-in-Italy throw from another iconic American brand, Woolrich, comes in a strikingly handsome plaid that easily doubles as a decorative statement. Made from alpaca, mohair, and wool, it is seriously soft, and the fringing adds a cool retro vibe that complements the pattern.

Dallas, TX-based The Citizenry has quietly gained a cult following for good reason. They produce a very handsome, sustainably made, handwoven, pure alpaca throw at excellent value. The LaCalle comes in a myriad of earth tones to fit any decor, and the subtle diamond weave pattern adds character.

Faherty may be known for their relaxed, beach-centric garments, but their high-pile fleece throws are also very noteworthy. These throws are super plush, machine washable, custom-woven, and fully reversible. The eye-catching and exceptional design was created especially for Faherty by Native artist Doug Good Feather.

Brunello Cucinelli is renowned for creating some of the most luxuriously crafted clothing in the world, so it’s no surprise that their home décor mirrors this opulence and quality. This alpaca and wool throw is exceptionally soft, made with only the finest fibers, and the muted tonal colors provide a warm aesthetic.

This limited-edition cotton quilt features a tonal patchwork pattern using indigo-dyed textiles. It is created using different chambrays and soft denim fabrics, showcasing true RL craftsmanship. The result is a very handsome, versatile, and machine-washable throw.

Leave it to Loewe to create a colorful striped throw that masterfully strikes the balance between luxury and retro visual appeal. Knitted in Spain, this mohair and wool blanket will instantly upgrade any room décor, and the signature “anagram” leather patch showcases the Loewe brand in an unassuming manner.

This pure cashmere throw from Begg x Co epitomizes home luxury. Featuring an intriguing geometric pyramid pattern, it is adorned with a unique ripple effect, achieved through gentle brushing using specially grown teasels. In other words, it is exceptionally soft.

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