The Best Sweat Shorts for Men, Whether You’re Sleeping, Lounging or Lifting

Embrace the freedom that fleecey five-inchers can provide

March 15, 2023 12:23 pm
A collage of sweat shorts for men. We take a look at our favorite styles.
If you don't have any sweat shorts in your dresser, today's the day to fix that.
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Sleep Week is here, which means we’re once again reminded of that age-old question: what the hell do you wear to bed? When it comes to sleepwear, there are many classic archetypes: the full flannel fellow, the tighty-whities warrior, the in-the-buff bro. But after a rather uncomfortable staff poll, we’ve found that, for our money, the single best way to sleep (or lounge, lay, extend, etc.) is in a comfy pair of thigh-hugging, calf-freeing sweat shorts.

Let’s consider the sweat short logically. The child of sweatpants and an innovation of lounge-forward design, the garment is conceived specifically with comfort in mind. No one is debating the aesthetic merits of a sweat short (although certain pairs break the mold), which means that functionality is critical to a solid pair. And brands from Champion to Everlane and Nike to Lululemon have perfected the style, utilizing soft cotton and French terry, loose designs and slightly shorter inseams for a cozy, no-ride experience that every guy can get behind. The best of the best sweat shorts for men should, for all intents and purposes, be some of the easiest things to wear in your closet…and, along with a loose tee, to bed.

Of course, you can wear the style for much more than sleeping: A classier pair looks killer at the gym, and there’s not an article of clothing we’d rather crush the new season of Ted Lasso in. Whether you’re catching ZZZs or pumping iron, you’ll get your money’s worth out of these utilitarian bottoms, which is why we’ve rounded up a slew of our favorite pairs. Below, from three-inch inseam loungers to hefty French terry joints, the 20 best sweat shorts for men to make sleeping and lounging easier than ever.

The Best Sweat Shorts for Men in 2023:

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