Bundle Up With the Best Scarves for Men This Winter

Protect ya neck

December 22, 2022 11:45 am
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The best scarves for men are your secret weapon against the cold.
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You might be on the fence about scarves, and that’s okay. After all, we get the anti-scarf argument — they’re not an ear- or finger-saving necessity like winter hats and gloves are, and without romcom-inspired proclivities or general scarf-tying wherewithal, they might seem like more trouble than they’re worth. But we’re asking a simple favor of you this holiday season: momentarily suspend your prejudice and hear us out, because the best scarves for men are not something you want to miss.

Let’s look at the cold hard facts here: scarves are, at their most basic, at least as effective at saving you from biting winds and bitter cold. Beyond their inherent cold-weather functionality, they’re also an incredibly easy style upgrade — pop an IH-approved joint over your flannel, peacoat or New Year’s Eve tux, and boom! Sauve, cultured man about town. Plus, there are tons of options from traditional fair isle weaves from the likes of Howlin’ and Ralph Lauren to wavy knits by Beams Plus.

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To help you on your journey to embrace the scarf, we’ve rounded up a ton of (see: 18) styles we just know you’ll love, regardless of whether your taste skews town car or Carhartt. We’ve even tossed some scarf-adjacent snoods and hoods in there, for good measure — be sure to check those underrated gems out, too. Below, the 18 best scarves for men to bundle up in this season.

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