The Rugby Shirt Is Spring’s Most Underrated Garment

Don't leave the rugby behind this spring

Best Rugby Shirts for Spring
The best rugby shirts for spring
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The rugby shirt has long been heralded as a fall essential, but the time has come to recognize its worth as a garment appropriate for spring, too.

While you’re wont to think of collegiate-inspired rugbys featuring autumnal tones of burgundy, navy and gold, there exists a wealth of rugbys that lend themselves well to warmer weather, while still managing to capture the preppy, Ivy League essence of the silhouette. Besides, considering the often heavier and more durable cotton used to construct the shirts, they’re a no-brainer for milder temperatures, ideal for those days when you can go sans jacket but can’t quite enter short-sleeve territory.

So instead of leaving the rugby behind, here are 12 you should consider for the upcoming spring.


J.Crew 1984 Rugby Shirt in Indigo Stripe

The addition of the chambray collar to J.Crew’s iconic 1984 Rugby lends the shirt even more appropriately to spring. Considering this shirt has been popular since the ’80s, we’re positive it’s gonna be kicking it in your closet for many years to come.


L.L.Bean Signature Quilted Rugby Shirt

Crafted from a more substantial and heavier cotton, L.L.Bean’s Quilted Rugby Shirt is ideal for those milder days where no jacket is required, offering a slightly more stylish appearance than the typical sweatshirt you might be prone to reach for.


Barbour Waffle Rugby Shirt

Barbour’s take on the rugby offers a less sporty aesthetic thanks to the solid color and details like the chest pocket and two button placket, while the waffle cotton fabric provides some much needed texture.

Far Afield Benito Rugby Shirt
Far Afield

Far Afield Benito Rugby Shirt

If there were ever a rugby more fit for spring, it’s Far Afield’s Benito Shirt. The pink, blue, white, orange and yellow stripes are a welcome reprieve from the dark and moody tones of winter, while they’re not so pastel as to leave you looking like an Easter egg.


Noah Mandarin Collar Rugby

Noah sought to elevate the traditional rugby silhouette by opting for a Mandarin collar. Immediately the detail lends the shirt a much more sophisticated air than those featuring a classic collar, while the subtly striped Practice Cloth fabric means it’s still suitable enough for casual, everyday wear.

The North Face Berkeley Rugby Shirt

The North Face Berkeley Rugby Shirt

Despite the name, it’s easy to forget the original purpose of rugby shirts — to endure rough and often merciless physical activity. Unlike most iterations of the rugby shirt that exist today, whose primary purpose is style rather than functionality, The North Face’s Berkeley Rugby features reinforced seams meant to withstand more arduous activities, so go ahead and roughhouse in this one.


Filson Solid Pro Rugby Shirt

Rugbys don’t have to have stripes! In fact, they can be entirely devoid of them, like this solid rugby from Filson, which proves just as handsome as its striped counterparts. The heavy-duty 100% cotton also means the rugby is well-suited to more strenuous activities like an actual rugby match.

Urban Outfitters

UO Rugby Shirt

Urban Outfitter’s Rugby Shirt features a slightly looser silhouette that’s relaxed without feeling or looking frumpy, so you still get the preppy vibe inherent to the style with a touch of nonchalant skater thrown in.

Madewell Striped Rugby Shirt

Madewell Striped Rugby Shirt

Although the larger stripes of this shirt are just a very dark navy rather than true black, it’s contrast against the lighter navy stripes still manages to prove that whoever said navy and black couldn’t go together, was evidently wrong.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren The Iconic Rugby Shirt

Because real men wear pink (and blue striped rugbys).


Kule The Men’s Organic Rugby

Rarely does it get more classic than a navy and cream rugby with a contrasting white collar. Suffice to say you’ll be reaching for this one on repeat come the arrival of spring.

Rowing Blazers End-of-the-Day Rugby Shirt
Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers End-of-the-Day Rugby Shirt

If what you seek is a rugby unlike anyone else’s, Rowing Blazer’s End-of-the-Day Rugby is just what you’re looking for. Each of the shirts is crafted from a compilation of leftover fabric scraps, resulting in bold, clashing shirts that are entirely unique and certainly not for the faint at heart. Even more fun, because the fabrics and patterns of each shirt differ, you won’t know what you’re getting until it arrives.

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