Deal: Get This Classic Baracuta G9 Jacket $117 Off

As worn by James Dean and Steve McQueen

Deal: Get This Classic Baracuta G9 Jacket $117 Off
East Dane

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If there’s one way to instantly look cool without even having to try, it’s a Baracuta jacket — specifically the brand’s iconic G9 jacket. Favored by menswear style gods Steve McQueen and James Dean, among others, it didn’t take long for the jacket to be cemented as a signifier of cool.

Now you can channel your inner Hollywood heartthrob with this Baracuta G9 Jacket in black, now more than $100 off. The jacket features the classic Harrington silhouette and the brand’s iconic tartan lining, while giving the exterior an update with Coolmax’s weather-resistant fabric. Throw it on over a turtleneck and you’ll look just like McQueen in the Thomas Crown Affair.

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