In a Stroke of Genius, Levi’s Is Reissuing Einstein’s Favorite Leather Jacket

No, it will not be 'smart'

February 23, 2018 9:00 am

Who knew Einstein was a menswear icon on the weekends?

In the 1930s just after fleeing Nazi Germany, and while setting up shop in the States  history’s greatest theoretical physicist did something all men consider at some point in their lives.

He bought a fine leather jacket. More specifically, a Levi’s Menlo Cossack jacket.

Yep, this handsomely rugged number once hugged the shoulders that held up the world’s greatest brain. Two years ago Levi’s bid on the original jacket and won, and now Levi’s Vintage Clothing is releasing exact replicas.

Set to release on February 26th, only 500 jackets will be up for purchase, and they’ll include a number of extraneous goodies, including cologne designed to smell like a combo of Einstein’s tobacco and manuscripts from his lab.


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