Deal: Get an Iconic Pair of Slides for Just $25

The ultimate summer slide

Adidas Slides
Urban Outfitters

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Summertime is slide time, and it doesn’t get any more classic than a pair of Adidas Adilette Slides, now $20 off at Urban Outfitters.

We’ve waxed poetic on the slides before, but allow us to briefly reiterate what makes them so good: they’re comfortable, iconic and perfect for wearing from the house to the beach to the locker room and everywhere in between. We even recommend stocking up on an extra pair in the event you tragically forget them at the pool or leave them behind at the gym.

And if you’re planning on exposing your feet to the masses this summer, please do us all a favor and make sure they look presentable or go the socks-and-sandals route.

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