Excite Bike

November 6, 2013 9:00 am

Next Sunday — as more dutiful Angelenos somberly bow their heads in church (also known as the farmers’ market) — you have a rare chance to ride a motorcycle down the L.A. Riverbed.

And for that you can thank AETHER, those storied designers of handsome performance gear who just opened a stunning new boutique on Melrose.

First, the store: your new emporium for technical all-weather gear, like anoraks, snowpants, cashmere caps and canvas weekenders.

As for the motorcycling: Aether’s teamed up with RawHyde Adventures, a fully endorsed BMW Motorrad concern known for their Evel Knievel-like derring-do in the Mojave Desert.

Together, the two brands are throwing a rip-roaring Urban Adventure down L.A.’s mean back streets and into the LA River (you may wish to prepare by purchasing this natty Skyline Jacket and the Daft Punk-ish Ruby Helmet).

They’ll provide GPS tracks and a quick breakfast.

Then you’ll embark on a 2.5-hour drive, one leg of which leads you into the riverbed, an act otherwise illegal and typically reserved for the Danny Zucos and T-800s of the world.

After lunch, RawHyde will impart technical training and riding tips on an urban obstacle course.

Let’s ride.

Nota bene: Aether is offering an insider rate to fans and customers, which you can access by email: customerservice@aetherapparel.com.

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