Because every man must sometimes leave the house wearing pants, we present “Style Files,” a handy video series in which Style Director Danny Agnew addresses all matters vestiary in an attempt to steer you toward a more compliment-filled life.

This edition: the tuxedo. With New Year’s Eve and its propensity for black-tie events incoming, there’s a chance you may be required to sport one.

And that’s a good thing — nothing makes you look more buttoned up. That said, even a fairly style-minded chap could be forgiven for not being up to speed on a getup he’s wearing five, ten times a year, tops.

So we put together a four-part crash course on how to do up a tux ensemble proper.

Once you’ve got the tux, you need a shirt. Problem is, tuxedo shirts offer more options than dinner at a Golden Corral. Which is king? The one that keeps it as simple as possible.

Yes, you must tie your own bow tie. It’s a skill every man should master, like riding a bike or how to correctly respond to “Does this make me look fat?” Looks hard. Totally isn’t. You just need a tutorial. Here ‘tis.

So you’ve mastered the basics. Now it’s time to punch it up even further. The proverbial Devil is still very much ensconced in the details. Here are four that you should know on your journey to Tux 2.0.

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