Can We Get a Ruling on This Robotic Club Caddie?

Walking 18 has never been easier

September 25, 2018 9:00 am

Golfing hell: pull up to 11 and there’s a line of carts stacked six deep parked beside the tee. On the fairway, a group of 20-handicap sunhats have decided to walk for the day and their lower backs are acting up.

Meanwhile, the snack cart needs to get by but can’t squeeze past. And with all the backup, there are a ton of eyes once you finally tee up your drive. Also, it’s really effing hot. You know where this shot’s going.

Look, there’s no easy solution to golf’s strange brand of afternoon madness. Something that could take a little congestion off the fairways, though? Rover.

Rover is an autonomous, hands-free robo-caddie that follows golfers around like a faithful pup as they play 18. The three-wheeled unit utilizes wireless-sensor technology to shadow a golfer’s footsteps, only halting once a button is clicked on a transmitter that handily affixes to your belt.

Each Rover carries a golf bag in an upright position and employs “Tempo Walk” to avoid running your ankles over. It also comes with a personal cooler, charging ports and wide turf tires. Not to mention there’s a tablet that transmits course data and keeps score.

Rover’s based in South Carolina and is currently only available at several courses in the southeastern U.S. However, clubs interested in the service (which follows a rental model similar to golf carts) can fill out a form here.

All images from Rover

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