Colts Ban Philadelphia Media Questions to Ex-Eagle Carson Wentz Because Philly Gonna Philly

Indianapolis won't allow Philadelphia beat writers to ask Wentz questions at his introductory press conference

Carson Wentz on the sidelines
Carson Wentz looks on prior to a game against Seattle.
Mitchell Leff/Getty

In a move that should not inspire the utmost confidence that former Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is fully capable of handling criticism and the pressure of being the face of an NFL franchise, the Indianapolis Colts will reportedly not be taking questions from Philadelphia media members during the 28-year-old’s introductory press conference.

And, as if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, bear in mind the harsh questions that could have theoretically been headed Wentz’s way would have been asked remotely via Zoom, not in person.

Wentz, of course, was traded by Philadelphia this offseason after being replaced as the starter by rookie Jalen Hurts at halftime during a loss to the Green Bay Packers. The 2020 second-round pick went on to start the Eagles’ final four games, and Wentz hasn’t spoken to the media in Philadelphia ever since.

Despite just inking Wentz to a four-year, $128 million deal that included $107,970,683 in guaranteed cash, the Eagles dealt him to the Colts for a third and possible first-round pick in 2022, allowing him to slip out of town without ever facing the music from Philly beat writers and reunite with former Philadelphia offensive coordinator Frank Reich, now Indy’s head coach.

And, make no mistake, there would have been questions. “Players ‘were pissed’ that Wentz reportedly planned to ask for a trade and wants out if he is not going to be the starting quarterback, sources said,” according to a PhillyVoice report from Joe Santoliquito that was written before Wentz was dealt. “They interpreted it as if Wentz was quitting on them. Some thought it was Wentz quitting on himself, running away from an open competition for the starter’s role with rookie Jalen Hurts.”

Thanks to his media silence, Wentz has never had an opportunity to refute that report and others that don’t paint him in the most favorable light. It would appear, based on how the Colts are going to handle his first press conference with Indianapolis, that’s how he wants it.

“We’re excited to add Carson to our team and know he will contribute to the culture that we’ve established here,” Colts general manager Chris Ballard said on Wednesday after the trade was officially announced. “We believe that Carson’s relationship with Frank and his familiarity with our offensive staff made this the right move for our organization.”

Maybe Wentz believes the same thing — but the Philadelphia media won’t be able to ask him.

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