Antonio Brown Can’t Stop Talking About Tom Brady

The 34-year-old has grievances with the GOAT

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown celebrate a touchdown in 2021.
Tom Brady and Antonio Brown aren't doing much celebrating these days.
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Facing a possible class-action lawsuit from the Albany football team that he previously owned for allegedly neglecting to pay his players and coaches following their final game, Antonio Brown is not avoiding the spotlight and is instead making it shine brighter on himself by talking about his former teammate Tom Brady.

Appearing on the It Needed to Be Said podcast with host Miami Dolphins wideout Tyreek Hill — a truly upstanding member of society — Brown talked extensively about his time playing for the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay alongside Brady and aired numerous grievances about the end of his NFL career. Brown, if you remember, removed his pads and shirt during a game against the Jets before heading to the locker room toward the end of the 2021 season. He hasn’t been on an NFL field since.

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Brown doesn’t sound too happy about that and seems to have a lot of animosity toward Brady and his personal training guru Alex Guerrero. Speaking to Hill, Brown alleged that Brady pressured him to keep playing even though he had a torn ligament in his ankle and also had Guerrero work on him, for a price of $100,000.

That didn’t sit well with Brown and things eventually boiled over during the Jets game, when he was expecting to get the ball a lot but only wound up catching three passes for 26 yards. “These boys like skinning me and they supposed to be the guys that having my back,” Brown said of Brady and Guerrero. “You know you don’t charge guys that’s your guys. Because we want you to be your best. You being your best helps me. So these guys actually charging me to work with me, and it’s like the team actually paid this guy to like work with the players. I’m paying him [Guerrero] on top of the payment [from the team] and he’s not even going out of his way.”

When Brady didn’t throw Brown the ball as many times as he wanted, enough was enough. “[Guerrero] don’t want to work with me, I’m paying him, [Brady] don’t wanna throw me the ball, and you making me like I’m crazy,” Brown said. “So, I’m crazy? Fuck all you motherfuckers, I’m out of here.”

He certainly was.

Whatever is happening with Brown and his beef with Brady and the Bucs, financially speaking, he’s going to be just fine — as this video he posted recently makes abundantly clear:

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