The World’s Best Vodka Is Just $20 But Not Available in the US

It also comes courtesy of budget supermarket chain Aldi

Saint Gérmont Premium Réserve Vodka, which just won the World Vodka Awards 2022
At about $20, this is a vodka that appeals to the masses — but isn't available here.

Vodka gets a bad rap, but you can have one very legitimate complaint: the world’s best isn’t currently available in the United States.

The World Vodka Awards 2022, a subset of the the World Drinks Awards, honored Saint Gérmont Premium Vodka as the “best in the world,” according to The Drinks Business (official results will be out on Friday). The vodka produced by the discount supermarket chain Aldi, which sells spirits in its European stores.

As Aldi’s U.K. site notes: “Carefully crafted in the heart of France, Saint Gérmont Réserve Vodka is made using french [sic] wheat and crystal clear water from the Charentes region. This exceptional vodka is distilled five times for purity.” It’s also available as a raspberry-flavored vodka … again, all for about $20. Except if you’re in the United States where it’s not available.

By the way, if that Aldi bottle looks familiar, it might be because Saint Gérmont shares the origin country with another popular vodka, Grey Goose (they’re both crafted in France). And one TikTok user, @rightguysreview, notes the two are very similar in a post praising the budget vodka.


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