Sex Toy Company We-Vibe Is Giving Away $30,000 to Couples Separated by COVID-19

The "Reunite Stimulus Package" will be split among 10 lucky couples

We-Vive wants to help couples reunite.
Getty Images

It’s no secret the pandemic has been boom times for sex toys. It’s also no secret that it’s been a pretty terrible time for dating and relationships, upending the love lives of both singles and couples alike. While singles have been left to navigate the increasingly complicated world of pandemic dating, many couples have been pushed to a breaking point after spending unprecedented amounts of time stuck at home together, while others have been separated indefinitely by pandemic lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Fortunately, sex toy company We-Vibe wants to share its good pandemic fortune with those long-distance couples who have found themselves separated as a result of COVID-19. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, the company has launched a $30,000 “Reunite Stimulus Package” that will award 10 long-distance couples $3,000. The idea, according to the press release, is for the winning couples to use the prize money to see each other again (once it’s safe to do so), putting the funds toward “flights, accommodations and/or other arrangements in order to reunite.”

The initiative is on-brand for We-Vibe, a company that has long prided itself on keeping partners united through the brand’s popular couples’ and long-distance sex toys. “We-Vibe believes in the power of intimacy and togetherness and with this giveaway we hope to make that possible,” Johanna Rief, We-Vibe’s Head of Sexual Empowerment, said in a statement. “Many couples had a tough year last year, and this is a way for the brand to invest in the importance of being together.”

We-Vibe’s legacy as a pioneer of long-distance sex toys dates back to 2013, when the company first launched the We-Vibe app, which allows users to control We-Vibe products remotely from around the world. “Back then, many people thought this wasn’t a necessary feature or one that people would use regularly,” We-Vibe notes in the press release, but the pandemic has since all but eliminated any lingering doubts on that front. Long-distance sex toys have become increasing popular as the pandemic has dragged on, leaving both long-distance couples and singles looking for COVID-safe sex options. Back in August, multiple singles told InsideHook they’d turned to long-distance sex toys in order to maintain something of a socially distanced sex life amid the pandemic, using the toys with various partners in lieu of in-person hookups. As writer Zachary Zane put it, “If ever there were a time for long-distance sex toys to shine, it would be right now.”

Clearly, the golden age of long-distance sex is upon us. Couples who want to get in on the action can apply for We-Vibe’s Reunite Stimulus Package at the company’s website now through Valentine’s Day.

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