Sex Toy Sales Are Booming Amid Coronavirus Quarantine

When self-isolation meets self-pleasure

sex toy sales
Play time.
adventtr via Getty Images

As indefinite lockdowns leave single people around the world wondering when and if they’ll ever have sex again, it seems many are turning to to the next best thing for company in the long, sexless days ahead: sex toys.

For weeks, retailers have been reporting an uptick in sex toy sales as people search for something to ease the loneliness/boredom/horniness of being single and quarantined. Denmark is the latest country to cash in on the trend, with Nordic retailer Sinful reporting a 110-percent increase in sales for the first week of April, according to Reuters. The early April spike actually follows a slight dip in sales after Denmark’s shelter-in-place order was first announced back in March, which Sinful co-owner Mathilde Mackowski attributes to a prioritization of essentials over pleasures in the early days of quarantine panic-shopping

“It was probably because we all panicked a bit and were more looking to buy toilet paper and toothpaste and those kinds of things,” she told Reuters.

But now that we’ve all settled into our new quarantined lifestyles, it seems our thoughts have once again returned to more pleasurable purchases to help us pass the time. Last week, a rep for WOW Tech Group, the parent company of sex-tech brands We-Vibe and Womanizer, told Vice that sales had already significantly exceeded monthly projections by March 25, noting that sales for masturbation-focused brand Womanizer were especially high.

And while the New York Department of Health has reminded us that our safest sex partners are ourselves, the lonely and single aren’t the only ones who stand to benefit from sex toys right now. If you’re quarantined with a partner with not much else to do but bang it out, chances are your old routine is bound to get a little stale. If ever there were a time to start experimenting with toys, I’d say it’s now. Happy quarantine sex!

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