This Company Is Giving Away 250,000 Free Condoms to Keep Sex Safe in Quarantine

Pandemic or no pandemic, you should still wrap it up

promescent condoms
Because quarantine sex should still be safe sex.

The jury is still out on if, when and who it’s safe to have sex with during the coronavirus quarantine, but pandemic or no pandemic, condoms are always a safe sex non-negotiable (unless, of course, you’re having quarantine phone sex).

In an attempt to keep quarantine sex safe in a time when condoms are flying off shelves almost as quickly as toilet paper, sexual wellness company Promescent is shipping 250,000 free condoms to shoppers while supplies last.

“In times of uncertainty and isolation, it’s natural to seek physical and emotional intimacy,” Promescent CEO Jeff Abraham said in a press release. “We want to do our part to ensure people are continuing to practice safe sex and have adequate access to birth control in a time of social distancing and self-isolation.”

Promescent hopes the move will not only help provide adequate protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancies throughout the coronavirus pandemic, but will also help flatten the curve by limiting sex-havers’ trips to the store to stock up.

And while medical health professionals disagree on whether or not anyone, including quarantined partners, should be having sex at this time, Promescent has already reportedly seen a 54-percent increase in online sales since the beginning of the pandemic, according to Abraham.

“Sex is a great way to relieve potential anxiety, so the combination of physical proximity to one’s partner for any extended period would lead to more intimacy, especially early on in this type of unfamiliar environment,” clinical sex therapist Dr. Ian Kerner added in the press release, echoing Dr. Oz’s suggestion last week that “the best solution if you’re holed up with your significant other, quarantined, is have sex.”

So if you’re going to take Oz’s advice to heart, just make sure to wrap it up first.

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