Shop Lovehoney’s Latest Line of Innovative Male Sex Toys

Introducing Blowmotion — a technologically advanced line of male masturbators

Shop Lovehoney’s Latest Line of Innovative Male Sex Toys

Society’s view on sex toys has thankfully progressed over the years. Sexual wellness brands like Dame, Maude and Cake have made vibrators, lube and all other essential sexy stuff visually appealing, while implementing toys during sex has become second-nature (and if it hasn’t for you yet, it should.)

But in a turn of events that almost never happens, female-oriented sex toys have become a lot more normalized than the ones designed for men have — and hey, it’s okay to admit that the idea of using a male masturbator may sound weird or even embarrassing. Of course, there is nothing abnormal or shameful about wanting a better orgasm. But as a result, women often tend to get all the fun, technologically advanced toys while the male market is left behind.

Lovehoney is attempting to change that. The sex toy retailer recently launched Blowmotion — a line of sex toys featuring cutting-edge sex tech for penis-owners.

The collection includes six sleek-looking male masturbators designed to take your satisfaction to the next level, offering suction, vibration, heat, thrust and pulse sensations. You’ll also have your preference of ribbed and smooth textures, giving you the opportunity to try out some enhanced pleasure sensations.

The masturbators retail from $74.99 to $129.99, but with one device already sold out, you might not want to wait too long to cop one. Just be sure to keep it away from any Zoom work calls.

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