The G-Spot, How to Find It, and What to Do When You Get There

Lost? Here's your treasure map.

October 24, 2016 9:00 am

The question of the G-spot — and whether it even exists — is one that baffles men, women and scientists alike.

It’s there. Believe you me. And you want to know about it.

Besides, as is so often the case in life, the journey here is just as enjoyable as the arrival.

Here’s how to get there.

Step 1: Prep
Clean your hands and trim your dang fingernails. This is a woman, not a welding job.

Step 2: Location, location, location
The G-spot resides approximately two inches inside of the vagina, on the anterior wall. That is, it’s by her belly button, not her back, between the front of the cervix and the pubic bone. If you feel some ridges, you haven’t gone far enough. If you’re at the pillowy cervix, back it up. The G-spot is a small, spongy-to-the-touch mass of nerves just passed the ridges.

Step 3: Eureka! Now what?
Firstly, congratulations. And, if you’re doing it right, you should both already be having a very nice time. Upon arrival, there’s no set of strict instructions. Different strokes for different folks, you feel me? Try a few things and pay careful attention to her cues. A few popular methods include: moving your fingers gently in a “come hither” motion (pun intended), deep stroking motions, side-to-side light vibration or fluid circular motions. Bear in mind that the spot itself isn’t at the surface, it’s slightly beyond the wall and feels like a minute bump, so some pressure should be applied for maximum arousal. While it’s always worth varying your speed, movements and amount of pressure, vigorous movements are not advised. Take it easy.

Step 4: “Wait, I think I’m doing it wrong.”
Check in with your partner. Be observant and make adjustments. Sometimes having the woman curl her knees towards her chest might help the situation a bit. But also take note that not every woman works the same. Some are more prone to clitoral stimulation, others penetration, while still others might be into a little butt stuff. No two are built alike. So if she isn’t into your G-spot expedition, or has yet to discover the idea for herself, that’s not necessarily a mark of poor technique. Rather, give yourself an A for effort. Then try adjustments, wait until later, or just move on to what you both know gets things going.

Step 5: Actually, it’s going really well. How do I step it up a notch?
If things are heating up — and you’ll know it if they are — there are some “advanced” moves you can try out (provided she’s game), including lightly pressing on the belly a bit over the pubic bone on the exterior of where your fingers are on the interior, as well as stimulating the back door with your free hand. If you’re both ready for some penetration, having her turn on all fours with her hips tilted upwards is the best position to continue to hit the front of her vaginal wall and, thereby, the G-spot.

Happy hunting!

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