Review: Foria’s Intimacy Sex Oil With CBD Is the Only Lube You Need

Foria's unique CBD formula helps ease tension and enhance arousal while reducing friction during intimate moments

Review: Foria’s Intimacy Sex Oil With CBD Is the Only Lube You Need

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Not all lubricants are created equal. This is a little epiphany I had after trying out Foria’s Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD, and now, yes, I am a total lube snob. 

For the uninitiated, Foria is a CBD sexual wellness brand that offers a collection of 100 percent plant-based and organic hemp products for intimacy and everyday well-being. They’ve been pioneers in their use of CBD for sexual wellness, and have been praised for sex and intimacy products that not only enhance pleasure and arousal but help ease tension, pain and discomfort, particularly for those with pelvic and genital pain. And while you can’t go wrong with any items from their intimacy collection, including their best-selling Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD, if you’re going to shop one thing let it be the brand’s Intimacy Sex Oil.

It’s a personal lubricant that’s infused with 400mg broad-spectrum CBD, designed to improve arousal and help relax the body during intimate moments and is entirely free of added chemicals.

And you can really feel how clean this lube is. 

No shade to the run-of-the-mill lubricant brands like KY nearly all of us have encountered, but once you go Foria it’s hard to go back to the drugstore liquid gels, which tend to feel sticky, thick and simply, unsexy. Not to mention they’re often housed in boring squeeze bottles where Foria’s Intimacy Sex Oil is wrapped up in a stunning glass tincture bottle, allowing you to discreetly display your lube and apply it without your hands becoming completely doused in product. Though if they are, that’s fine too.

Because really my favorite aspect of Foria’s sex oil is how non-clingy and mess-free it feels. Yes, I know sex is supposed to be messy and slippery and fun, but sometimes the greasiness can take you out of the moment for a minute. But the Intimacy Sex Oil feels lightweight and smooth on your fingers while delivering the perfect amount of all-natural moisture to reduce friction during sex. 

It’s important to note that Foria’s Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD cannot be used with any latex or poly-isoprene, so all of your condoms, diaphragms and toys must be made with oil-safe materials.

So, go treat yourself (and your partner) to a truly elevated personal lubricant. After all, lube is something you’re likely using quite frequently if you’re sexually active. Investing in a high-quality product that’ll enrich your sex life and overall well-being? A no-brainer.

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