First Date With … Jenny Parry

In which a beautiful woman teaches us how to be better daters

August 18, 2016 9:00 am

For this edition of First Date With, we link up with Los Angeles model and at-large good woman to know Jenny Parry to chat benching, concerts and taboo first-date topics. She’s in the new Casamigos tequila campaign and the new clothing line for the Viper Room. Be sure to check out her new line of clothing launching this Fall on her website, On the Way Out, and follow her on Instagram. Here’s what she taught us.

Most recent crush: My last “real life” crush was my husband. It hit me pretty hard the first night we hung out and he picked me up and carried me out of the bar. But my last “fake life” instant crush? Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy. Hellooo.

Any first-date dealbreakers? If he’s too much in my space … or too touchy or grabby from the get-go.

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What about deal-sealers? If he looks me straight in the eyes when talking to me, I’ll definitely melt.

Ideal first date? Going to see a band play that we both like. There isn’t too much pressure to talk, we can bond over something we both like and we can have a drink, which will help break the ice.

What’s the best first date you’ve been on? All I know is that my best first date ended up with the two of us running down Hollywood Boulevard laughing like crazy.

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Do you like it when a guy asks you where to go or just chooses? Unless there is some place I’m dying to go to, I prefer him choosing. It’s a good way to see what he’s all about. Plus, I like someone who takes the initiative.

How should a guy to dress on a first date? Depends on where we are going, but usually casual but not sloppy. Show your style but look pulled together.

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Three fail-safe conversation topics: What you like to do in your free time, movies or TV shows, and travel stories.

And the one you should steer clear of: I don’t want to hear about your ex-girlfriends. Good or bad.

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What’s up with benching (i.e., keeping someone you’ve met ‘on the bench’ until you’re more available)? That sounds pretty annoying. I’d be over it. If you’re not really sure if you’re into that person and just string them along, it’ll probably never turn into anything worthwhile.

Feelin’ a lot like summer and I dig it @flowerhugger

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