Three in 10 Americans Have Broken Quarantine for Sex

People are still hooking up, glory holes or no glory holes

quarantine sex
The quarantine hookup is alive and well.
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In theory, people are probably not supposed to be hooking up mid-pandemic unless it’s with their live-in partner and through a glory hole or something. But obviously single people couldn’t just leave the entire sexual momentum of society in the hands of the monogamous and cohabiting, who, as we all know, don’t have sex anyway. Obviously we’ve always known people would still be having sex with other people outside their homes, or, in some cases, inviting people outside their homes into those homes for sex. But now a new study is here to confirm it.

A recent survey found three in 10 Americans report violating lockdown guidelines for sex, SWNS reported. The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of sex tech company MysteryVibe, surveyed 2,000 Americans about how lockdown has affected their sex lives. While 58 percent reported shacking up with a partner, those who aren’t hunkered down in cohabiting bliss haven’t been afraid to get adventurous.

According to the survey, 30 percent of solo quarantiners have ventured out into the great coronavirus-ridden unknown for a hookup, while 51 percent have stayed in and let their partner in quarantine-breaking crime come to them.

Meanwhile, the single and quarantined have also been supplementing their sex lives with more lockdown-friendly activities, including video sex, enjoyed by another three in 10 respondents, as well as its old-school predecessor, phone sex, which has captured the renewed interest of a mere 18 percent.

And as for the monogamous co-quarantiners, it turns out they’re actually having sex too. In fact, the survey found that 78 percent of them are having more sex than usual thanks to all the boredom, which 65 percent of respondents cited as their primary sexual catalyst these days. But before you get jealous of all the sex couples are having in quarantine, it turns out the grass may not actually be greener. According to the survey, six in 10 respondents said all that boredom sex has led to “sexual burnout,” while 67 percent say they’re in a sexual rut.

Sexy, sexy times we’re living in.

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