The Listings: Cabins

From a 1920s log cabin to a $4.35M lakeside expanse

November 15, 2017 9:00 am

The Listings covers the best of Bay Area real estate, in all its wild glory. This week: a close look at the best cabins now on the market. Don your slippers and uncork the bourbon — it’s time for some serious hygge.

$4.35M in Tahoe City

It’s not every day you’ll see a log cabin right on the Tahoe shoreline — and yet, here it is. The realtor notes that “many will see [this property] as a redevelopment candidate [but] there is a cute, well-maintained six-bedroom log cabin on the site.” We say save your cash, keep the cabin, and settle in for winter on the shorefront.

$749K chalet on Ward Creek

With its steeply sloping roof, this three-bedroom cabin looks like it was imported directly from the Swiss Alps — and that’s before you take into account the second-level balcony. Included in the purchase is one-third of an acre; of particular note is the frontage along the creek.

$89K Forest Service Cabin in Fir Tract

This is it: the epitome of the mountain cabin, a 1930, three-level cabin with a knotty pine interior and proximity to Tahoe. If you just saw Stranger Things and are looking for something like Eleven’s hide-out shack, this is probably as close as you’re going to get.

$430K cabin near Sugar Bowl

Buy this place and you’ll never have to worry about getting from your cabin to the slopes — you’ll be able to walk to Sugar Bowl. (As an added bonus, the owner will pass on a paid contract for plowing during snowstorms.) With nearly 1,700 square feet, it’s made for weekend parties — it sleeps eight, or 10 if you have friends who don’t mind a living room pull-out.

$159K in Mendocino National Forest

They made it easy for you: This cabin costs only $159K, includes furnishing, and is only 10 years old — which means it’s been kitted out with modern conveniences like solar power. It’s not huge — but it could be perfect for a small family.

The Are-You-Ready-for-DIY Special, at $385K

This house, with a gorgeous, modern exterior, needs someone to come in and finish the interior — like, literally finish, with dry wall and a contractor. The best bonus: Included in the purchase price is a 1920s log cabin underneath the redwood trees.

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