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Look Out Velo

Parker Dusseau: All-day style for morning commutes

  • 19 November 2013

Riding your bike to work is a good thing for your health.

Dressing for the ride is not a good thing for anybody with eyes.

DayGlo this. Waterproof that. Plus the spandex moose-knuckle — it’s not a good look.

Bridging the gulf between dressing for the ride and dressing for the office: Parker Dusseau, a new kid on these hilly streets trading in dapper activewear.

Dusseau’s suit jackets, chinos and dress shirts are hand made with clean lines and breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that stretch for action in all the right places. But where they truly shine is in the clever details.

Pop a collar, cuff or flap: reflective surface.

Pockets: deep, for the whole not losing your keys, wallet and phone thing.

Waistband: stays where it belongs and has a stow-point for your U-Lock while riding.

All of this while looking like, you know, real clothes for men.

The line launches officially on December 4th in the Public Bikes showroom on Valencia, but it's available now for purchase online in limited quantities.

Consider it a gift to yourself.

The gift of not being the guy in the helmet and spandex dodging into the lobby bathroom for a quick change.

The Specifics

Parker Dusseau

Available online now and
debuting Dec 4th at Public Bikes
599 Valencia St
at 17th

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