One of SF’s Top Chefs Spills His Dining Out Secrets

This week, courtesy of 1300 on Fillmore’s David Lawrence

By The Editors

One of SF’s Top Chefs Spills His Dining Out Secrets
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08 February 2016

If budget, geography and table availability were no consideration, we’d confine every meal until the end of days to a single block on Fillmore Street.

Lunch? Take us to the brand new Black Bark, a Texas-style barbecue joint par excellence.

Dinner? That’d be the Low Country deliciousness found across the street at 1300 on Fillmore.

The man we have to thank for both is David Lawrence, which is why we asked him to supply our inaugural Meal Plan: a gustatory tour of our fair city, as told by one of its finest toques.

Because who eats better than a chef? Nobody.


“The only day I do breakfast is Sunday. After a 35-mile bike ride, I like the 1300 on Fillmore at 1300. It’s a heaping dish of scrambled eggs, stone-ground creamy grits, chicken apple sausage and applewood smoked bacon. It’s good recovery food, and I don’t have to pay [since he owns the joint], which is an added bonus!”


La Taqueria at 25th and Mission. It’s my favorite and the best tacos place in the city. I get the beef tacos with avocado, sour cream, diced red onions and tomatoes. The ingredients are fresh, the service is quick and their menu is well-priced for lunch.”


“I don’t snack much, but when I do, I indulge in Pepperidge Farm Chessmen cookies, from Rainbow Grocery. It’s my one vice. Don't tell my trainer; that’s an extra 50 pushups.”


“My heritage is Jamaican, and Smugglers Cove is my number-one rum bar. You walk in and it feels like a cave in the cliffs of Negril. With over 600 selections of Rums there are plenty of choices — mine is usually the Jamaican rum punch with Appleton rum.”


“Boulevard's is a restaurant that has made consistently great meals for 20 years. Nancy Oaks and her team do a fantastic job, and Leslie on the door is the best hostess in the city. My choice: the wood oven-roasted kurobuta double pork chop.”

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