Yurt Locker

By The Editors
June 6, 2014 9:00 am

Breathing room. It comes at a premium around these parts.

If you need some, your best bets are a weekend of camping or a move to Daly City. Kidding. Don’t move to Daly City.

Instead: camp it up right with SF’s Lotus Belle and their colossal, yurt-like Outback tents, now shipping.

These are the tents of the 1%.

We’re talking up to 200 square feet of canvas opulence with plenty of standing headroom.

So, like, bigger than most living rooms.

Whole thing packs down to a trunk-friendly four feet and can be outfitted with a vent for an indoor stove if you’re looking to make a week of it.

The trade-off: sucker clocks in at a buck twenty-five. Lift with your legs.

LB’s stock is limited by design, and sales just opened for the summer. You’ll want to make your move before the Burners abscond to Black Rock with the whole lot.

It goes without saying that space like this doesn’t come cheap, but it’s still well less than an average month’s rent.

Even by Daly City standards.

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