Ready for the Summer of the Mythical Ski-Hike Getaway?

You might be a Californian if ...

May 3, 2017 9:00 am

This is going to be a weird/awesome season at Tahoe. 

Last summer, your correspondent spent a week up at Squaw Valley: 100-degree days. Walk outside, and boom, you’re in a sauna. 

This year, you’re going to get to ski in the morning before an afternoon hike. 

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, it’s time to book your Tahoe weekend — at our favorite hotel on the lake.

Ideally, you’ll have at least a week for this trip. First half: You’re spending it up at Squaw. Stay in the resort if you like, but we prefer the flexibility of a private rental like this one. Squaw’s CEO told local media that the resort might stay open through the entire summer — but they’ve already confirmed that the season will extend at least until July 4, so plan your trip pre-Independence Day. Most of the skiing will be done in the “Shirley zone,” an intermediate-friendly section that, importantly, should have good ground cover well into summer.

There are many magical hiking experiences in California, but none as magical, we’d bet, as the Rubicon Trail over Lake Tahoe. It’s as close to perfect as we’ve seen: smells like heaven (or pine; probably pine) and the views over the lake are nothing short of spectacular. Just get to the park early (ideally on a weekday) to be sure you can grab a parking space — unless you feel like walking in from Stateline. Where to stay? You have plenty of options. We have but one recommendation: the original Basecamp. S’mores, fire pits, mountain views, saunas. What else could we ask for? 

The one piece of equipment you will absolutely need on both these trips? Sunscreen. It’s not just for the ladies: wear it and your skin will be in better shape. Generally we’re content with some Kiehl’s, but a performance day demands a performance product, so go with Zealios. It’s formulated for athletes — and it’s as good as guaranteed not to sweat off. 


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