Carriage Return

By The Editors
April 18, 2014 9:00 am

Many things require sartorial coordination.

Your jacket shouldn’t be one of them.

It should just work. Seven days a week. Jeans or trousers.

Office, bar or boat.

Consider HonourMark’s fresh take on the car coat — that stalwart top layer from the open-carriaged, hand-cranked starter days of America’s automotive leisure class.

The cut is flattering and classic — talking structured A-line and below-the-belt drop.

Grown up, you might say.

Plus it’s got pockets for days.

Launched just this month, the SF company’s focus is twofold: creating stylish gear with looks that fit in the real world, and building those looks with the best textiles the real world has to offer.

Talking Japanese super-twill and monocle-worthy British cotton constructed stateside.

HonourMark’s Signature Car Jacket is available in three versatile colors and shipping now, but keep an eye out for their soon-to-drop Wayfarer Vest, among others.

And keep another eye out for opportunities to wing off on a drive along the coast, Mr. Automotive Leisure Class.

That’s a thing well worth coordinating.

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