Cable-Knit Sweatpants? Oh Yes.

Pretty much the perfect SF sweatpants.

By The Editors
January 5, 2015 9:00 am

We’ve always been a sweater town.

It’s a layers thing — whatever feels good against the wind, in the ’50s and near the Bay spray. The sweater is practically our Scottish uniform. San Francisco is the Hebrides of California that way.

So maybe it’s time to go full sweater.

Like this:

Introducing the Snow Peak Mixed Knit Pants, available online and around town now.


Yes, these are basically cable knit sweatpants.

Made from wool. Made from nylon. Made from alpaca.

The most comfortable pants, we’d say, that could ever swaddle your nethers.

The perfect pants for a Sunday morning. Or hell, a submersive and sublime habiliment for brunch.

Anyway, enjoy January. Enjoy your new sweatpants.

They’re for when you’re not standing on ceremony, and definitely not dressing for it, either.

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