This Guy Helps Matt Lauer Get Dressed

Vesture: They're like coaches for your wardrobe

By The Editors
August 3, 2015 9:00 am

So … there’s a guy your correspondent would like you to meet.

This gentleman’s name is Franco Salhi.

Franco is 25 years in the men’s clothing game. Spent the last 17 working for Italian suit mavens Zegna. Dresses so well it’s borderline maddening.

Or it would be, if he weren’t so singularly set on helping you do the same — while drinking scotch and smoking cigars, to boot — at his by-appointment atelier Vesture, now accepting clients.

First things first: Franco is not a tailor. He is a conduit. A conduit to you hearing “Hey, lookin’ good!” way more than you currently do. He calls Vesture a “wardrobe management service,” meaning their whole gig is consulting with clients on their sartorial needs and appointing them accordingly.

For suiting, Franco & Co. do private fittings (in their showroom or they’ll come to you) for kits that are then crafted in Italy by storied houses like Zegna & Isaia. A staff of on-site tailors handle any minor adjustments.

Also on offer: shirting, outerwear, even custom cashmere sweaters.

Not to mention the fact that they’ve got a fully stocked bar, humidor and patio for enjoying the fruits of both — small wonder you may cross paths with chaps like Matt Lauer & Eli Manning during an appointment.

You’ll thank us for the intro.

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