Collar #1

The Tie Bar’s spring neckwear emporium hits Nolita

By The Editors
April 21, 2015 9:00 am

Little secret about spring: far and away the best season for ties.

Woolly fare goes in the drawer for its annual hibernation, and out come the colors. The florals. The ginghams. The eye-poppin’ neckwear that makes dressing up for warm weather damn near as fun as dressing down.

Where to get it: the new pop-up from Chicago neck-drapers The Tie Bar, now open for biz in Nolita.

TTB has been a favorite of your correspondent’s for a hot minute. And here’s why:

The key to a good tie game is variety.

But attaining said variety can put a hefty dent in the wallet.

Solution: TTB’s wares typically check in around twenty bucks. So buying five or six at a clip ain’t off the table.

Which is good, because TTB’s shop is packed to its silky gills with the sort of collar garnishes that’ll turn heads from avenue to boardroom.

Our must-haves:

Washed chambray with nautical print – This, white oxford, dark jeans, brown monkstraps. Done. Roll your sleeves up.

Paisley bow – Diamond tip is in, and this is your summer wedding showstopper.

Bold plaid linen – Punch up dull grey business getups with one of these and a colorful square.

Also on the shelves: pocket squares, lapel flowers, stripey socks and all other things peacock to help you herald this glorious change of season.

Just try not to wear it all at the same time, yeah?

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