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NY's best barbers on the three cuts for spring

By The Editors
April 23, 2015 9:00 am

Spring’s here – perfect time for a haircut, whether you’re gunning for a new look or just want to give your current mane a tune-up. We asked NY’s best barbers for their take on how to achieve the cuts of the moment.

Look One

As Seen On: David Beckham, retired footballer/style icon

The Look: Thoroughly hip and a slam dunk with the ladies — the cut of the moment, if you’ve got the locks (and the looks) for it

Tell Your Barber: “Ask for a high-contrast cut, sometimes called an undercut,” says master barber-on-demand Justin Virgil. “Start with a horseshoe part around the crown, with a #4 guard from the bottom all the way to the part, lightly tapering the edges. Leave the top 5-6 inches and texturize for separation.” 

“Style with a quality water-based clay or sea-salt spray for a loose bohemian look or use a high-shine pomade and come through for a more buttoned-up red-carpet look.”

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Look Two

As Seen On: Roger Sterling, advertising executive/cad

The Look: Certified for the boardroom, but with a healthy dose of ’60s swagger

Tell Your Barber: “The quintessential barber-shop cut. A classic in every right,” says head barber Rob McMillan of Blind Barber BK. “Ask your barber to cut the top short but leave enough length for a side part. Sides are tight. Make sure he completes the look with a tapered back and square sideburns at the center of the ear.”

“To style, add pomade to damp hair and comb it over. Practice on nailing that wave in the front and you’re all set.”

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Blind Barber BK
524 Lorimer St.
b/t Ainslie St. and Powers St.
(718) 599-2435

Look Three

As Seen On: Hidetoshi Nakata, retired footballer/style icon/Italian knight

The Look: Rule of thumb: the less hair you’ve got, the shorter you should keep it. Cropped and textured for the win.

Tell Your Barber:Number one issue is that guys with thinning hair will try to hide it,” says coif swami Pirooz Sarshar of private Flatiron gent’s club Lucky Guy. “You should do the opposite. It is better to cut the thinning area shorter — gives you more confidence.”

“Say you want a buzz cut, but textured and blended with the top a little longer. Around two inches on top, from the crown forward. That’s important — if you don’t specify and they go from the crown back, you’re gonna look like an egg.”

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Lucky Guy
18 W. 23rd St.
b/t Broadway and 6th Ave.

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