The Man Behind the World’s Coolest Slipper Names His 7 Essentials

Mickey Ashmore on good sheets, bad shoes and newspapers

December 4, 2018 9:00 am

There aren’t many menswear labels that prioritize comfort in the gritty, city streets of NYC.

Sabah, importer of Turkish leather slippers that go with literally everything, is the exception.

Founded in 2013 by Mickey Ashmore, the cult-favorite brand just opened Bleeker Street studio, where you can find their range of casual footwear alongside travel, home and men’s essentials sourced from around the globe.

To celebrate, we hit up Ashmore for his take on the seven essentials every fella needs — and the seven that needed to be incinerated yesterday.

Without giving too much away, the outlook’s not good for your flip-flops.

essentials (2 images)


1. A Le Creuset Dutch Oven and a good set of kitchen knives for cooking and braising at home. This makes for delicious food that can serve a large group, and the pace of braising is nice on a Sunday afternoon.

2. A high quality bag for traveling. Something leather and understated that lasts a lifetime. Might I suggest the Sabah Traveler Bag? It’s good value, too. At $750, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another bag of this quality.

3. Really good bedding. I like Restoration Hardware’s Stonewashed Italian Linen sheets in white or just about anything by Parachute Home.

4. A Brooklyn Bike Co. bicycle, because traveling by bike is the best way to get around, especially in Manhattan. It opens up your world so much, and it’s fun and it’s healthy. Their bikes are well made, good looking and offer great value.

5. A Vintage Rosewood Eames Lounge Chair from my favorite dealer, Patina NYC. There are few things more relaxing than a newspaper and the Eames.

6. Well, of course, a pair of classic Fort Worth Brown Sabahs. They go with everything from a bathing suit to a dressed-up suit, age beautifully and match just about anything. An independent footwear choice.

7. A subscription to the print newspaper of your choice (mine is the NYT!). Because when you read print, there is much more discovery than scrolling and clicking. Plus I think it’s good for your brain!


1. Old dirty gym clothes, and any pants that sag below the butt. A man should clean up and look fresh, not like he rolled out of bed!

2. Crummy bedding and sheets. Upgrade to Restoration Hardware linen sheets or a set of sheets and a duvet from Parachute. It’s one of the best investments.

3. Too much cologne. Cheesy! Natural with a hint of essential oil based smell is the way to go.

4. Old running shoes, because they are really bad for your feet, knees and back.

5. A big screen TV. Opt for a projector on a wall. It’s much better for your ambience.

6. Macho habits. Sensitivity, empathy and acceptance are much more appealing than macho habits driven by fear.

7. Flip-flops, unless you are actually on the beach (or in the locker room). It’s just nasty! Also, that’s where Sabahs come in.

All images via Sabah

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