Rivay’s Work to Weekend Garb Wins Spring

Presentable fits good for Monday through Sunday

By The Editors
March 28, 2016 9:00 am

Summer Fridays are inbound.

Very soon, come 3 PM, you’ll be flying out the door, hopping into a car and yelling, “Push ‘em to Monday, Jan,” as the door swiftly pats you on the ass.

That Patagonia 3-in-1 jacket might deliver on the technical end. Not a good look over a suit, though.

We gave you the Summer Rentals Guide, so you know where you’re going. And this is what to wear:

Rivay’s Spring/Summer ‘16 collection. Menswear wherein hardworking meets handsome. Just like you.  

Behind the brand: founder and designer Jon Ruti. He spent seven years in a suit as a prosecutor in the South Bronx handling everything from DUIs to homicides and two years in the Office of Special Narcotics investigating the Pablo Escobars of the world. Basically, he lived The Wire.

Among all the major issues he faced, the problem that pestered him most was the lack of menswear that could translate from the conference room to the Upstate cabin.

And thus, Rivay was born. The attorney-cum-creative threw in the tie to address the gap between workwear and technical outerwear.

We’re glad he did.

Their outerwear, shirts, knits, T-shirts and slacks will set up a fella to enjoy a woody excursion without sacrificing good looks.

Not too flashy. Not too boring. It’s the ultimate off-duty ensemble.

You can visit their showroom by making an appointment here. But that’s not nearly as fun as a trip to their mobile pop-up.

Ruti’s vintage Land Rover 90 with a matching military trailer packed with all their apparel will soon be taking to the city’s various flea markets and their likenesses out yonder in Montauk. Check out where it will show up next right here.

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