Razor Sharp

By The Editors
March 15, 2013 9:00 am

You remember Warby Parker – the guys who got sick of overpriced glasses and revolutionized the game with boutique-quality eyewear for under a hundred bucks.

Well, turns out they weren’t too tickled with the razor game either.

Introducing Harry’s, a just-launched shaving gear delivery service that brings top-quality, competitively priced shaving kits straight to your doorstep.

Think Dollar Shave Club, but classier. And half the price of that Mach3 you’re using now.

Warby’s team tried every razor on the market to develop their elegantly macho Winston and Truman models, which are every bit as tech as Procter and Gamble’s finest. To wit:

The Blade: Harry’s five-blade cartridges are manufactured by a 90-year-old German company from finely ground Swedish steel. Sharp as, well, a razor. A really, really sharp razor.

The Neck: a rubber hinge referred to as “the paintbrush” that pivots every which way to contour your mug to the last detail.

The Handle: a glossy, precisely-weighted number ergonomically designed to be like an autopilot for your hand.

Harry’s kits come with handle, blade and eucalyptus-tinged cream, plus a “shave concierge” you can reach out to whenever you need to re-up on anything. Or sign up for automatic delivery with free shipping.

It’s a new game.

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