Camp of Approval

By The Editors
May 23, 2014 9:00 am

Since time immemorial, or at least since Wet Hot American Summer, we’ve all desired to return to summer camp.

This is that chance. Only it’s camp with Union Square Ventures.

Pack a duffel and head to Offsite, an invite-only summer camp for “thinkers, entrepreneurs and change-makers” run by a cabal of biz movers and shakers, now accepting applications.

Offsite’s held at a bucolic 500-acre Hudson Valley grange sporting all the classic outdoor camp shenanigans you’d expect — ziplines, ropes courses, even a BLOB that rockets you, catapult-like, into the lake.

But instead of counselors lecturing on the finer points of poison oak avoidance, Offsite’s got talks, workshops and classes hosted by business brains like the GM of Union Square Ventures. Or a partner at Summit. Or the CEO of Splash.

In short, the sort of box-exterior thinkers you wouldn’t mind sharing a hot dog and a chin wag with.

Your grub: farm-to-table from a Colicchio apprentice. Your digs: bright pine cabins with rustic Adirondack furnishings. Your fellow campers: other creative-minded cats who just might be your next venture partner.

Or at the very least your BLOB partner.


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