Boo York

October 3, 2014 9:00 am

Recently your correspondent was discussing haunted houses with a female acquaintance.

“Why the hell would I visit a haunted house?” she said. “I live in New York City. This place is already f*cking terrifying.”


Introducing NIGHTMARE: NEW YORK, a just-opened frightfest based on “the legendary horror stories and urban legends of NYC’s history,” now selling tickets.

Subway alligators.

Giant rats.

Subway cars filled with knife-wielding hoodlums.

To achieve this level of gory verisimilitude, NIGHTMARE employs almost 40 actors, who “have worked long and hard to create the most horrifying experience possible. This isn’t a theme park ride.”

Not surprisingly, kids are not allowed.

The especially bold can also elect to be marked with an X on the forehead, letting the cast know to turn it up a notch.

Should be at least as terrifying as a fifth-floor walkup.

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