One Astronaut Shirt, Coming Right Up

Space-age duds from Ministry of Supply in SoHo

By The Editors
July 17, 2015 9:00 am

As your correspondent sweated his way through another muggy, Amazonian New York commute one recent morning, he thought to himself:

“There’s got to be a better way. Can we get some scientists on this, please?”

Ask and ye shall receive, gents, at the new “laboratory” from future clothesmakers Ministry of Supply, open today in SoHo.

First, the name: MoS gets its moniker from the work of Charles Fraser Smith, the real-life inspiration for James Bond’s Q. Awesome.

Their new home on Wooster is all about science: beakers, whiteboard and the most futuristic damn business threads in the game. Our favorites:

The Apollo Dress Shirt: Wicks moisture. Has tiny, laser-cut armpit vents. Woven with NASA “phase change” material that regulates your body temp. Astronauts use it. Astronauts.

The Aviator Chino: Cut perfectly slim with a four-way stretch that gives unprecedented range of motion. Forget subway stairs, you could do karate in these things.

The Atmos V-Neck: Crafted from hydrophobic, moisture-wicking fibers with differently-woven panels to cool the parts of the body that heat up most. Translation: no more sweaty back.

Atlas No-Show Socks: Coffee grounds woven into the fabric to absorb odor. We can’t make this shit up.

And speaking of coffee, they’ve also got Toby’s Estate joe at-the-ready.

Grab yourself a cold brew.

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