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Minibar delivers booze. For that, we are thankful.

  • 11 February 2014

Winter was made for stiff drinks.

But braving the winter’s cold? To procure said stiff drinks? No bueno.

The solution: Minibar, the just-launched app that allows you to remain in the heated confines of your home or office while someone else luges their way across icy sidewalks to bring you your booze.

And they bring it in under an hour.

This is about as idiot-proof as it gets. Download the app (it’s free), punch in your zip and you’re paired with one of Minibar’s local hooch partners.

Do your shopping in the app (just wine and spirits for now; beer forthcoming), check out with your credit card and that’s that.

Less than one episode of True Detective later (You are watching True Detective, aren’t you?), your Montepulciano or Johnnie Black arrives at your doorstep.

Best of all, delivery’s free: Minibar – much like Seamless – makes their nut by charging the vendor (rather than you) a small fee for each transaction.

To that we’ll raise a glass. Cheers.

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