Poutine. Cocktail Week. Penn & Teller. Helluva Date.

Grab your lady and get moving.

July 10, 2015 9:00 am

Next week is shaping up to be one for the ages when it comes to taking the lady out: cheap drinks all over town, a festival devoted to Montreal’s finest foodstuff, and the triumphant return of two of Broadway’s most legendary funnymen after a 15-year hiatus. Go forth and wreak evening havoc.

The Food:

If you’ve never eaten at Mile End Sandwich on Bond, you need no more reason to go. The French-Canada-meets-New-York deli is that good. The fact that Monday marks the beginning of their second ever Poutine Week (during which they go wild on their already legendary gravied cheese fries with everything from fried chicken to merguez sausage) is just the clincher.

The Drink:

Also kicking off Monday: our fine(ish) city’s first ever NYC Cocktail Week, a five-day beverage bacchanalia during which a cabal of the best watering holes in the city will proffer specialty libations and bites for just four bucks a pop. All you need to do is grab a ticket right here. And being the boozy chums we are, we’ve gone ahead and lopped five bucks off yours: just enter code HOOK at checkout.

The Entertainment:

While iconic funnymen-slash-magicians Penn and Teller made a name for themselves with an off-Broadway show all the way back in 1985, they’ve not graced an NYC stage since 2000. Sunday, however, marks opening night of a six-week run at the Marquis Theater that’ll see the garrulous Penn and his taciturn pal break out illusions from their old act alongside the tricks and gags that have kept Vegas audiences entertained for the last 14 years (here’s hoping the bullet-catching bit is in the cards).

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