Hudson Sutler Doesn’t Want Anyone Touching Your Bag

Five carryalls. All custom.

October 12, 2017 9:00 am

Of all the bags in the sea — or designated baggage-claim area — this one is yours.

How do we know? Because it has your name on it.

NY-based Hudson Sutler just launched a simple way to create truly custom carryalls for your office or beer softball team. Think Nike ID for luggage.

Below, you’ll find it alongside four other dap options that let you leave your mark, from hand-painted Dopps to leather-stamped carry-ons.

We’re not gonna say they’re theft-proof, but they’re pretty darn close.

Hudson Sutler
NYC makers since 2012, Hudson Sutler make colorful, utilitarian canvas bags with an emphasis on durability. And now, they’ve added a custom bag shop for teams, companies and organizations. Designed by you and built right here in the U.S. of A.

No surprises here: a Burberry is going to get you noticed. The couture cowboys will now let you customize an entire range of gear, from accessories and backpacks to wallets and cashmere.

The makers now offer hand-painted monogramming. Three letters, one big statement and starting at only 10 bucks.

Next time you’re there at the airport in Abu Dhabi, don’t fret over picking up someone else’s black Samsonite — or them pickin’ up yours. Paravel’s new 13-piece Cadet collection lets you personalize your gear with two OG fonts and different 10 colors, along with 12 emojis at the ready if you’re feelin’ randy.  

Founded in NYC in ‘09. Fleabag is renowned for their sturdy, utilitarian canvas carries. Tough, modest and timeless, their bags can be dressed up with a hand-embossed, monogrammed leather tag.

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