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Belt It Out

Handsome leather belts. No buckles.

  • 07 August 2013

“Less is more,” the old adage goes. As true for a best man toast as it is for tuna casserole.

Also accurate, turns out, when it comes to belts.

At least according to NY’s own Lombardi Leather, creators of the buckle-less belt, now available online.

After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, Lombardi’s now up-and-running with a suite of rugged leather goods stitched in upstate New York.

The centerpiece: the Lombardi belt, a handsome piece of Herman Oak leather edge-stitched with saddle thread for maximum durability.

Notably absent from the Lombardi: the buckle.

Instead, it’s cinched by a leather loop that doubles back on itself to handsome effect.

Available in six artful colors, the Lombardi plays with everything from khakis to a casual suit getup – though for our money it’s worn best with denim, boots and a crisp tee.

Lombardi’s also hawking a range of stately leather cuffs and accessories to help round out the look.

Just remember, don’t overdo it – less is more, after all.

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