Queens Jeans

By The Editors
June 4, 2014 9:00 am

To get the truest goods, sometimes a man’s gotta take a hike. Brave the untamed wilds. Boldly go where lesser men would falter.

As in: Ridgewood, Queens.

That’s where you’ll find Left Field, an appointment-only shop stocking all the indigo trappings you need alongside new spring gear from sister brand Choctaw Ridge.

Left Field opened their clubhouse back in late 2013, but it’s remained under-the-radar because, well, it’s in Ridgewood.

Make the trek and you’ll find an awesomely weathered denim saloon that’s worth the haul, from patina’d pocket knives to ‘50s men’s mags, vintage pinball machines and a fridge stocked with ice-cold beer.

Oh, yeah. And jeans.

Left Field’s Christian McCann could teach collegiate selvedge — he’ll school you on Japanese vs. Tennessee mills and get you kitted out in a pair that you’ll be giving your son someday.

Plus brawny chinos, ringspun tees and Choctaw’s slim-fit Japanese swim trunks.

Queens-averse gents can also order gear online (and check out their new “Left Field Angels,” aka gorgeous ladies in denim).

We, however, say fortune favors the bold.

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