Jean Getaway

By The Editors
March 5, 2013 9:00 am

In the land of denim, quality is king.

A cruel and greedy king, unfortunately – demanding second-mortgage fealty for each pair of artfully-worn dungarees.

Here to free us from denim despotism: Williamsburg Garment Company, a Brooklyn-based line of small-batch jeans that’ll last for years without breaking the bank.

WGC uses the old-school cash-and-carry business model and, until recently, were only available at tastemaking boutiques like Opening Ceremony. But they recently launched a web shop peddling their workwear-inspired designs.

Three pairs to add to your repertoire:

The Go-To

Tough-as-nails raw indigo selvedge denim with a relaxed fit and sturdy 13.5 oz weight. A bit stiff at first, but breaks in according to your body’s contours over time, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind fit.

Khaki’s Kick-Ass Cousin

A slim-fit, khaki-colored denim created by weaving tan yarn together rather than the traditional indigo. A solid alternative to regular blue that’s still flinty enough to stand up to hard wear.

Military Grade

Camo’s making a comeback, and WGC does it right: a heavyweight cotton twill with a slim, tailored fit, understated washed pattern, and bereft of “cargo pockets, flaps or baggy military themes.”

Or break-the-bank themes, for that matter.

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