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By The Editors
August 23, 2013 9:00 am

Unless you’re a WWII fighter ace or a card-carrying impersonator of Mr. Arthur Fonzarelli, you’re not going to be purchasing many leather jackets in this lifetime.

That’s because they tend to last a while. They tend to be classics. And so, they’re very much worth the investment.

This fall, we recommend you invest here: the new season of Jardine, from Rag & Bone founder Nathan Bogle, now available online.

Bogle’s pièce de résistance is the Oxblood Leather Café Jacket.

Not gonna bullshit you: this baby lamb ain’t cheap. But you’ll get the benefit of a versatile, made-in-NYC jacket that’s hip without being pretentious.

We prefer it in brown: easier to mix and match with fall colors, and it’s burnished look connotes a certain wizened experience.

For our money, we’d also invest in this zippered wool cardigan done in a textured “popcorn stitch” and this “stealth” peacoat with a magnetic collar closure to keep the wind out.

All of Bogle’s post-R&B efforts are a strikingly minimalist counterpoint to the now-ubiquitous American heritage look he had a hand in creating.

No hand-loomed chambray work shirts or raw selvedge overalls here. Just clean, tailored lines in luxury fabrics with razor-sharp attention to detail.

Like a leather jacket, that quality is always worth the investment.

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