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Freemans launches bespoke suit service

  • 11 July 2012

Enduring results and instant gratification seldom go hand-in-hand – after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the only thing the Shake Weight helps you lose quickly is dignity.

Make time for quality, instead: visit the dapper gents at Freemans Sporting Club, who’ve just launched their “Bench-Made Bespoke Studio.”

[callout] ... pick from 5,000 fabrics while enjoying Freemans cocktails [/callout]

Found behind a faux bookshelf at the end of a long hall above Freemans Restaurant, Bench-Made is a by-appointment-only atelier captained by a third-generation master tailor who custom-makes suits in the strictest sense of the term, i.e., from the pattern on up.

The suitmaking begins with a consultation to determine the “atmosphere” of the suit: i.e., you choose single vs. double-breasted, pocket style and lapel width, plus pick from 5,000 globally-sourced fabrics, all while enjoying craft cocktails from the downstairs bar (view menu).

Freemans’ tailor then takes up to 20 precise measurements, along with a series of polaroids to account for posture. These measurements are used to hand-create patterns that will be adjusted over the course of 12 weeks and four fittings.

Done entirely in-house and by-hand, the process is lengthy, but the result is a suit that matches every idiosyncratic detail of your frame, built with such old-world craftsmanship that Freemans claims “it will outlast you.”

And just might help you get some of that dignity back.

The Specifics

Freemans Sporting Club

8 Rivington St.
b/t Bowery and Christie
(212) 673-3209

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