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Keepin' it Brief

Contango: One briefcase. Two colors. Very stylish.

  • 09 September 2013

Sure, a messenger bag offers certain charms.

You get one free hand for coffee, one free hand for Temple Run. Makes for a nice commute.

But there are times you need to church things up a bit, without going the full nuke-codes-in-a-black-briefcase route.

So commit a hand (either one, we care not which) to the simple, modern and elegant attachés from just-launched NY brand Contango, now available for purchase.

Contango isn’t here to overwhelm you with choices. Or bells and whistles. They’ve got exactly one bag in two colors, each a streamlined testament to the days when an overabundance of pocketry did not a man make.

This brief is known as The Axton. Its body is constructed of supple pull-up leather in either black or tan – either way, it will achieve a storied patina over time. Like you.

The handles: stitched English bridle leather typically used for equestrian harnesses.

All held together with heavy-duty nylon stitching, solid copper rivets and a bombproof nickel zipper. Inside, your laptop and questionably sensitive documents are cradled in interior pouches with a handsome plaid flannel lining.

We’ll be the first to give these guys a hand.

Nota bene: because they know how much we love briefcases, Contango hooked it up – use code INSIDEHOOK at checkout for $75 off your bag. Happy carrying.

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($300 with discount)

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