Murder Mystery Breakfast

A listening party for the @Serial finale

December 17, 2014 9:00 am


You think Adnan did it or what?

That’s the question you’re wondering if you’ve spent the last few weeks listening to Serial, the riveting podcast from the producers of This American Life that investigates the brutal murder of a Baltimore high school girl and her ex-boyfriend — who may (or may not) have done it.

Serial concludes tomorrow.

People will be talking.

So do yourself a favor and get down to Breakfast with Serial, an early AM listening party at The Parkside Lounge, selling (very limited) tickets now.

A one-off event from the guys behind Rental Car Rally, Street Wars and the 1 Second Everyday app, Breakfast with Serial is, basically, the adult equivalent of watching cartoons before school.

With your ticket, you get unlimited cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, etc.) and assorted milk options. Five bucks extra gets you access to a 20-lb. stash of cereal marshmallows. No we did not make that up.

You also receive one breakfast cocktail of your choice, “because a drink before work is something ADULTS do.”

So you listen to Serial.

You eat cereal.

You discuss both Serial and cereal.

Then you go to work and have an excellent story about how you spent your morning.

Just try not to spoil it for the suckers who had regular breakfast.

Nota bene: Not up on Serial? Edify thyself with the Wall Street Journal’s excellent deep-dive.

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