Sock It Up

By The Editors
August 16, 2013 9:00 am

There is a world of athletic hosiery out there, friends.

And unsexy as it may be, said hosiery is your base. Your foundation. The totem at the bottom of your pole.

So before you buy another pair of ill-fitting, heel-slipping, dogs-chafing generic socks, have a look at NY-based Bombas, now available for pre-order online.

Bombas feature a host of design tweaks to keep your pedals comfy. To wit:

  • Peruvian cotton. Wicks moisture. Stays cool when the merc’s up, warm when it’s down.

  • A Y-stitched heel that creates a natural cup for your heel. Translation: no slippage.

  • The “Invisitoe,” a hand-stitched front seam that’s basically undetectable to the human foot. And feet are pretty crafty.

  • A honeycombed support system around your arch and instep. More support = longer runs = slimmer you. Bonus.

And the coup de grâce, a rigorously tested calf tension that keeps those puppies up where they belong.

And for every pair you buy, Bombas donates a pair to a person in need, a la Toms and Warby Parker.

Socks for everybody. It’s a party.

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